The information presented or generated at websites https://skm-eleksys.com, http://compute.skm-eleksys.com and other subdomains is expected to help students, teachers and practicing engineers to have better insight into the working of circuits and systems. In recent years the computational engineering and science has emerged as a new  field of study. We have launched the new website at http://compute.skm-eleksys.com/  having few basic modules for visualising the computational nature of some basic circuits and systems. Here the users can better visualise the engineering problems by varying the different parameters in steps in the modules without writing any programming code.

We expect to add more modules in near future. Although the modules have been thoroughly checked we request the users to inform us if any type of mistake or error are found.

Your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated.

Send feedback at  skmpmm@skm-eleksys.com